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The rising desire for mobility is driving the growth of air traffic. Differentiated aircraft concepts and highly complex drive technologies are the result of constantly increasing requirements in an innovative and rapidly growing industrial segment.

Accelerating almost 600 tons to 260 km/h in just a few seconds not only goes hand in hand with extreme temperatures and enormous pressure, but also subjects materials to extreme stress.

Remelted steel grades for high demanding applications

With many decades of experience and know-how in manufacturing and processing specialty steels for aviation, Deutsche Edelstahlwerke and Ugitech have developed innovative materials dedicated to this industry.  ESR (Electro-Slag-Remelting) and VAR (Vacuum-Arc-Remelting) technologies allow to go to the requested cleanliness of the steel


  • French Standardization Office for the Aeronautical and Space Industry (BNAE)
  • NADCAP certification – Heat treating
  • EN 9100


Swiss Steel Group

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Product Groups:
Stainless, Acid- and Heat-resistant Steel
Tool Steel

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