10. September 2023

Swiss Steel Group supports the strong signal for the bridge electricity price from the minister presidents and Wirtschaftsvereinigung Stahl (German Steel Federation)

Swiss Steel Group, a leading international provider of special long steel and a market leader in green steel, supports the call by the German Steel Federation for a bridge electricity price for energy-intensive companies. This important signal for securing competitiveness in German industry was sent out jointly by the 16 heads of state in Brussels today.

Swiss Steel Group, with several sites in Germany, underlines the importance of this agreement, which meets with approval across party lines. Bernhard Osburg, President of the German Steel Federation, stressed the urgency of this measure to maintain employment, innovation and value creation in Germany. "Especially in times of necessary economic transformation, the course must be set for affordable electricity. The introduction of a temporary bridge electricity price is crucial to protect energy-intensive companies from the extremely high cost of electricity and thus preserve the competitiveness of entire industries," Osburg said.

Swiss Steel Group, which is active in the steel industry worldwide, stresses that the availability of competitive electricity is crucial to encourage investment in sustainable technologies and innovation. The planned removal of the energy and electricity tax peak equalization would further increase costs for energy-intensive companies and jeopardize their ability to implement much-needed changes.

"We join the 'Alliance for Bridge Power Pricing' in supporting the call for an immediate decision. The time for this important measure is now to ensure that Germany can maintain its prosperity and economic strength in a sustainable future," emphasized Frank Koch, CEO of Swiss Steel Group.

Koch continued: "Swiss Steel Group is ready to play an active role in finding solutions and to support the Wirtschaftsvereinigung Stahl's initiative for a bridge electricity price in order to protect German energy-intensive companies and to maintain the basis for a strong, sustainable business location.


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